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Tumor Cell Profiling...the tests ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:17pm

Tumor Cell Profiling... the tests show if your cancer cells were killed by exposure to one or more of the 20 or so different anti-cancer drugs that might otherwise have been considered as possible treatments for your type of cancer.  A test that can help determine which cancer drugs would appear to be the best treatment plan.  He has an office and lab and is currently providing tests in this area.

To have the test done, first of all you need a biopsy to delivery the cells for the study.  Fees for a complete 20 to 25 drug Functional Tumor Cell Profiling analysis will be in the neighborhood of $5,000.  The procedure is covered by Medicare and some insurers as well.  BD 

image Today's online edition of the  Journal of Internal Medicinereports discovery of the first practical laboratory test to guide the use of new-generation drugs that kill cancer cells by cutting off their blood supply. The new test, called the Microvessel Vascular (MVV) assay, was developed by Larry Weisenthal, MD, PhD., a medical oncologist who operates a cancer testing laboratory in Huntington Beach, California. The test works by measuring drug effects upon endothelial cells which make up blood vessels. Its use could prolong lives, save money, and spare patients exposure to harmful side-effects of ineffective chemotherapy treatments.

According to Dr. Weisenthal,therapeutic levels of ethanol in the bloodstream theoretically could be achieved simply by drinking wine or another alcoholic beverages in prescribed doses concurrent with receiving angiogenesis-inhibiting drugs. The concept might please some patients and alarm others but Dr. Weisenthal finds support in actual case studies reported in the medical literature. However, he warns that further clinical studies are required.

Dr. Weisenthal says that he would like to see the test become available to patients worldwide through service agreements with larger laboratory companies or with a biotechnology company which might develop a testing kit for sale to hospitals and laboratories. He also would like to license the test to pharmaceutical companies for use in new drug development.

Cancer Physician Invents Test For New Drugs That Cut Off Tumor's Blood Supply

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