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Triumph of Censorship: My Final Posting (Attempt) on HuffingtonPost

Posted Dec 13 2009 4:18pm

I doubt you will read this. However, I must write it. (Whether this appears on–HuffPo–or not, it will be posted to and other sites.)

The first Right in the Bill of Rights is free speech. An effective democracy rises or falls on the open exchange of ideas, if necessary with heated debate. Whether you call it enforced groupthink, book burning, or censorship, suppressing ideas that go against accepted wisdom or your own personal bias is anathema in an open society.

HuffPo has chosen to censor some of my blogs based on political correctness. No other site to which I post has done so. Apparently, questioning the wisdom of government policies and projected legislation such as HR3962 is not tolerated. I cannot–and neither should you–accept such censorship from HuffPo, or anyone.

As an example of what they chose NOT to post, I asked us to consider a 34th Amendment to the Constitution. I wrote: “What about a simple Constitutional Amendment that said, ‘All laws, rules and regulations apply equally to Congresspeople as to the populace? This Amendment allows for no exceptions.’ ”

This is my final post here. I shall continue to post to all my other venues, particularly

Curing healthcare starts with dialogue:
unexpurgated, exchange of ‘unspun’ ideas.
Apparently, that is not acceptable at HuffPo.

System MD

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