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Transmission Range Adjustment for Sand Production Line

Posted Nov 20 2012 2:57am

The sand production line is a kind of dedicated production line for the production of the construction sand and stone. In the transmission system of the gravel production line, the transmission power is often used to connect with the two shafts of the same axes to achieve the same rotation and the transmission for the torque. Sometimes, the transmission system of the sand production line is used as the safety device. The shaft coupling of the transfer power can be used. After the machine stops operation, the machine can be disassembled so that the two axes disengage the transfer power.
There are some similarities in terms of the installation adjustment for the transmission range and the V-belt. For example, the two wheel axles should be parallel. The chain tooth center of the main wheel and the trailing wheel should be in alignment. The rotary surface should be in the same vertical plane. In addition, due to the characteristics of the chain drive, you should pay much attention to the followings.
The axis attachment of the two transmission range should be in the horizontal plane. If it needs to be arranged aslant, the inclination should be as small as possible. In addition, the vertical arrangement should be avoided in order to prevent the too much vertical quantity from affecting the normal engagement of the gravel production line and the chain transfer. Since the selection of the pitch number of the sand production line has certain principles. Therefore, when you install the sand production line, you should clearly count the number of chain transfer. If the number is odd, even number of sections should be used for the sand production to reduce the attrition. If the teeth are even, even or odd number of the sections can be used for the sand production line.
The section header of the sand production line is related to the even number and odd number. The section header of the sand production line with even sections for the impact crusher, the inner chain board and the outer chain board are connected. One side of the outer chain board is made to the fixed section header. After the connection, the opening lock or the pinch cock is used to lock the chain plate on the other side.

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