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Transforming Teaching with Project/Problem-Based Learning

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:28pm


Mark Wagner and I taught a two hour session in Elluminate last night to 22 Alabama teachers who are part of the ABPC 21st Century Teaching Initiative. It is a project  I co-lead with Cathy Gassenheimer, President of the Alabama Best Practice Center and John Norton, educational writer and virtual learning community expert.

Mark was incredible. He showed us how to use educational games to transform our classrooms.

This Elluminate session was designed to familiarize teachers with the basics of Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and the strategies for implementing PBL projects in the classroom. Participants were to gain hands-on experience developing collaborative, inquiry-based projects that utilize the best of 21st Century teaching and learning. In hind sight, we didnt allow enough time as the amount of content we covered was huge and left teachers with a good deal of cognative dissonance. <smile> The feed back this morning is great though. It definately left teachers wanting time to sort through all they experienced. Thanks goodness for wikis.

Here are Mark's Slides

Resources mentioned in the presentation can be found on the slides (above)
One resource not included in the handout- Bill Mackenty is at

Sheryl's PBL Resources

My slides, resources, and planning tips for PBL can be found on the wiki.
Feel free to add your own resources or start a discussion using the discussion tab.

I also have included a clip from a news reporting of Dream School Belize that shows me as a "30 something" preaching the same message I do today. Student engagement. Check it out. The hair (side pony tail) is a hoot. What was I thinking?

Want to watch the archived Elluminate session?PBL Archive

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