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Top Ranked EMRs - Weighted EMR Rankings now Available

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm

Now available, the EMR RANKINGS take into account the number of verified raters as well as the overall rating, and calculates a 1st to 10th ranking based on both of these scores according to a ranking algorithm. The purpose is to provide a level of confidence through the application of a weighting system that takes both of these measures into account.


  • Product A has been rated by 50 verified physician raters and has an average overall rating of 4.0
  • Product B has been rated by 10 verified physician raters and has an average overall rating of 4.5
  • In an un-weighted ranking system, product B would have a higher score than product A and would be ranked above A. However in the weighted ranking system, because A has 50 raters vs. the 10 raters for B, the opposite is now true. By applying a weighting algorithm that takes into account the number of verified raters, a level of confidence is now applied to the rankings. The overall rating scores will remain unchanged.

Ranking Algorithm:

  • Each product requires at least 5 verified physician raters before a verified score can be published
  • From the start, 5 ghost ratings with a value of 2.0 are added to the overall score for ranking purposes
  • The ghost raters fall away at set intervals as the product builds up numbers of verified raters
    • At 40 verified raters, 2 ghosts fall away
    • At 75, 100 and 125 verified raters, 1 additional ghost falls away
    • Once a product has 125+ raters, no ghosts apply
  • Taking the example above, product A would have a ranking of (50x4.0)+(3x2.0)/53 = 3.886, product B would have a ranking of (10x4.5)+(5x2.0)/15 = 3.667

From a Weighted Ranking perspective, a level of confidence has been applied to the overall ranking score. 

Please Note: Users should also look at all other criteria regarding the company and product including the percentage of raters vs. the overall number of stated users of that product. Due diligence is essential and purchasers are advised to do site visits, get hands-on experience and obtain testimonials from colleagues who are using that EMR.

Potential purchasers of EMRs should not use the CanadianEMR ratings and rankings as their only mechanism for selecting an EMR.

View EMR Rankings by clicking here

What are your thoughts about the weighted ranking system? Share your thoughts or comments, by clicking on the 'Comments' link

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