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Top 10 Reasons People Come To Asia For Medical Treatment

Posted Mar 02 2010 11:34am

1. Thailand and India Boasts Some of the Best Hospitals in the World : Thailand and India have, over the years, spent furtively in developing their medical tourism infrastructure and established over 30 English speaking hospitals, innumerable dentistry clinics and other alternative healing centers. Some are accredited to prestigious boards including the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and the International Organization for Standardization.

2. Incredible Service : It is no joke when Westerners write on the Internet or chat in bars that the service, look and ambiance of Thailand’s and India’s hospitals is similar to that of a five-star hotel. The treatment received from doctors, nurses, orderlies, administrators, and technicians is outstanding and the doctor patient ratio is as low as 1:4.

3. Extraordinary value for the money: Foreign patients can expect to pay just 10-50% for the cost of treatment, in comparison to what they would pay back home. The likes of hip surgeries, teeth whitening, face lifts, x-rays, mastectomies, and heart bypasses can all be performed at very affordable prices. With the money they save they can enjoy a memorable holiday and even go back home with cash leftover.

4. Specialize In Serving Foreign Patients: The renowned hospitals in Thailand and India specialize in serving foreigners and have attracted millions of patients from the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

5. International Accreditation : The standard of treatment at our network hospitals is considered in North America as one of the highest in the world with most of their doctors holding U.S. professional certification. Our network hospitals have international JCI accreditation; this is an organization which is the primary inspector of hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions in the U.S. Many of the physicians at our network hospitals are trained in Europe and the U.S. and hold medical credentials from there. The hospitals also have working relations with Western hospitals. Notably, the UK Foreign and Common Wealth Office stated that Bangkok has “Excellent International Hospitals” and the U.S. State Department has stated that Bangkok also offers “Excellent facilities for routine long-term and emergency healthcare.”

6. State Of The Art Technology: The most up-to-date state of the art developments and technologies have been introduced in our network hospitals to enhance medical facilities and treatment

7. Unique Procedures: Many hospitals offer treatments which are not offered elsewhere.

8. Excellent Long-lasting Outcome: Several of our hospitals have been recognized for the results of their outstanding track-record of treatments .
9. Thailand and India are Amazing for Relaxing: On top of having treatments conducted by highly trained and skilled doctors, patients can also enjoy a marvelous holiday in some of Asia’s prime tourist destinations. Patients can experience spas and resorts which are universally famous for exceptional service and comfort – all while looking out over beautiful virgin beaches or remote mountains.
10. International Health Care System: Our network hospitals provide prompt and complete response in any emergency situation and are recognized outside of Asia as having standards equivalent to that of those in the West. Our network hospitals are accredited according to standards that meet or exceed those in North America

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