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Top 10 Characteristics of a Chaotic Project Management Culture

Posted Jul 02 2009 6:31pm

Sometimes an idea resonates with you, like the term a Chaotic Project Management Culture. I'll be expanding a little on these later but here are the top ten characteristics of a Chaotic Project Management Culture.

  1. Having way too many active projects, going far above what the organization can handle.

  2. Having a missing in action work intake and acceptance process.

  3. Having priorities which change with the alaskian weather and winds or everything is top priority because there is no priority.

  4. Everyone's day staff, supervisors and leadership run from meeting to meeting to meeting - everyone runs a daily meeting marathon.

  5. Leadership needs to be involved in the weeds and all the tactical details.

  6. Management clings to the latest fad or management trend as the solution too all current problems. (Its also cool that they run from one management panacea to another, each fad having no sticking power).

  7. It is a cowboy mentality to processes or process follow through - "I can just do it myself right now rather than enduring that pesky change management process".

  8. The gut is the only metric for decisions. Decisions are made without analytics or cost information.

  9. The project manager plans by themselves on a schedule which is looked at once, and the resource conflicts are never know except by the fact that staff heros wear the same clothes for a couple days.

  10. One only has to walk the halls to hear the dissatisfied customers and stakeholders.

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