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Toe Rings Improve Posture, Burn Fat Faster

Posted Mar 06 2009 2:55pm

This was just too strange not to include.  Read on and see what you think.  It costs $34.00 to find out if they will work.  I have posted all types of information on weight loss, but this one takes the cake.  BD 

Now here comes the science: Each ring has a bump that you position downward so that each time your toe touches the ground, you'll feel it and instinctively adjust your stride. Sort of like walking on eggshells; without the mess.  


Your new, unfamiliar walking style may not be noticeable to others (one would hope, at least) but on the inside where it counts, muscles not normally used in walking get a serious workout. How nice it is that those hard-working muscles burn the fat right where dieters need to slim down... the belly and thighs!

Toe Rings Improve Posture, Burn Fat Faster

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