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This looks like wonderful potent ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:18pm

This looks like wonderful potential here, to have a portable dialysis product to take along with you.  I’m sure there’s a bit more to go here on the research and development, but nice that it can/will exist soon as it states they are looking in to creating a commercial version…nice and great joint effort between the VA and UCLA.  BD  

Not like we haven't heard of at-home dialysis before, but a pair of researchers from UCLA and the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles image Healthcare System concocted a design which would make the process even more portable . The AWAK (automated, wearable artificial kidney) would "avoid the complications patients often suffer with traditional dialysis" by being bloodless in nature; additionally, it would theoretically "reduce or even eliminate protein loss."

Artificial kidney enables "dialysis-on-the-go" - Engadget

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