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This is just one example of many ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:17pm

This is just one example of many that appear today relative to the processes being looked at today. The true R and D folks don't really care what is being researched, the search for a cure or treatment plan is the goal.   You almost have to think at some point in time that some of this is going to have to "mesh" as there are many natural substances that are helpful and contain ingredients that do sometimes end up in commercial pharmaceuticals.  Just the other day I read about where marijuana may have some impact with fighting infections with some properties that could prove effective in fighting bacteria, so who knows, we could have a cream or oil that has the potential of fighting the deadly MRSA infections now plaguing us in hospitals.

On the other hand we have had access for years to many of the natural food supplements or vitamins, whatever the case may be and the names.  Some natural sources have the potential too of possibly upsetting the eco system of some major Pharma drugs as well, but again until all the scientific data is in, we really don't have any concrete answers.  We certainly don't want to lose the ability to have a daily vitamin that we choose to purchase and have the pendulum swing too far in the other direction either. 

I think the day is coming to where we might starting seeing a thinner line here and more information available, I know just what we need, but better than not knowing.  So, to use a couple lines from this article as an example, who's got the better fish oil and will this someday be classified generic too?    Just one example on the questions and answers we all want to know, and which one can we afford that will be safe with minimal side effects?  BD 

Some of the natural substances taken through the FDA approval process don't appear to be dangerous. For example, Omacor, the FDA approved fish oil, is only a problem because it is so expensive compared to regular fish oil. All of us who pay Medicare taxes are bearing this cost since Medicare won't reimburse any other fish oil.

Natural Substance Knock Offs in the FDA Pipeline Could be Dangerous

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