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This is good reading material an ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:17pm

This is good reading material and listen to how things are seen and addressed in the ER, if you haven't ever given it any thought, read this.  They see everybody, everything and most importantly when folks do not have the opportunity to be on their best behavior.  As the old saying goes, walk a mile in my shoes. 

After reading this I think you could develop some new thoughts on what the ER and folks that work there do for a living.  If this article isn't enough, search some archives.  I always enjoy reading this blog myself, tells it like it is.  BD 

There are some people in the blogosphere who have to chill. I have received a boat-load of vociferously angry comments on this site over the last two days - it appears that many of these commenter's are either: A. Overly sensitive to any discussion of obesity that does not remove all blame from the patient. B. People who suffer from chronic pain conditions (legitimate or otherwise) and Cushing’s disease/syndrome and C: People who just don’t get what it is like to work in an ER.  Some are all of the above.

Thus, in this post,  I will address my view (and very likely others’ in the health care field - especially those who work in the ER) on obesity, chronic pain,  psychiatric illness, and what it is like to work in an ER. Take this into account when you read any future posts that concern these issues - and don’t immediately jump down my throat saying things like “You are not compassionate”, “You should be a garbage man, not a doctor” and “I would report you to the medical board if I knew who you were”. Please try to keep comments at least somewhat constructive or they will be deleted.


Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD

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