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This is being tested currently i ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:20pm

This is being tested currently in France...the system administers a general anaesthetic and it is used during the surgery procedure...and the article states it could allow for longer operations of up to 14 has been tested so far on 200 patients...BD 

A prototype robot that can induce a general anaesthetic for operations has been developed in France using American equipment and tested on some 200 patients, the project team leader has announced.image

"The automatic pilot system relieves the anaesthetist of one of his tasks so that he can devote himself to the extremely important job of monitoring the patient's state," said Professor Marc Fischler, head of anaesthetics of the Foch Hospital in Suresnes, who developed the system with two other specialists. The system includes a bispectral monitor developed in the United States some years ago which can analyse the depth of the anaesthetic by recording brain activity. An electrode on the patient's brow enables the monitor to situate the depth of anaesthesia somewhere between zero and 100, depending on the bispectral index

Robot anaesthetist developed in France: doctor

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