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This is all done with private fu ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:23pm

This is all done with private funding, but still leaves a lot of questions...these are things we should do anyway.  The video states that we do this anyway in the form of tax breaks, etc. and is not sure if it will work, but something new out there.  Myself, mixed feelings here...yes it will motivate some, but on the other hand, is not a child's health important enough without having to get paid for it?  Nobody would pay me to to go the doctor, but I have to pay them when I go?  Anyone else have any thoughts on this one?  BD 

ABC's "World News" on Wednesday examined a New York City program that pays cash rewards to low-income parents for taking their children to the doctor or engaging in other positive behaviors, such as reviewing their children's school work. The program launched on Wednesday and is funded by $50 million from private contributors, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Under the program, about 5,000 low-income families will receive various financial rewards as an incentive for doing "small things ... that can make a big difference," such as $200 for taking a child to a doctor and $50 for opening a bank account, "World News" reports.

Video of the segment is available online.

ABC News Examines New York City Program That Offers Financial Incentives For Visiting Doctor, Other Behaviors

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