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This is a big price drop and rem ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:17pm

This is a big price drop and remember if you are in California, get the prescription from your physician.  It appears the new alignment with Illumina  is allowing for new information to be added to the information provided. It is getting a bit confusing these days for consumers to make a choice.  Do your research and see what items are covered to see which company might fill your needs as far as testing results.  image

The price for 23andMe is certainly making the process more affordable and enticing.  If you have questions about this process I just wrote up a post explaining a bit about the differences and what to expect, as this is not a 100% genome, and the technologies vary a bit.  To have a full genome it is around $350,000.00, so anyone could probably just up front guess you are not going to get for under a thousand what the full genome would be, but you may not need all of this information and perhaps one of the services will be able to supply adequate information for your needs and desires at present, especially relative to future healthcare treatment plans.  BD 

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) Direct-to-consumer genomics services firm 23andMe has dramatically slashed the price for its service and expanded its offerings to include a lineage tracing service through a partnership with The nearly one year-old startup said in a statement today that by cutting the price for its genotyping service from $999 to $399 it is democratizing personal genetics and expanding the opportunity for more people to benefit from the genetic revolution. The company said advances made to Illumina's genotyping technology, specifically the introduction of the HumanHap550-Quad+ BeadChip, made the price cut possible. Illumina is the provider of genotyping tools for 23andMes services.

GenomeWeb News: 23andMe Knocks Service Cost Down 60 Percent; Offers Lineage Service with

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