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This goes hand in hand with some ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:19pm

This goes hand in hand with some of my prior comments on standardization...basically in a couple words, "it's gone"... or I should say at least as we have known in the past.  image Standardization and certification processes are finding times very challenging today to provide that type of advice not only in wireless areas, but all areas of technology relating to healthcare. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult today in selecting not only what one feels is the appropriate hardware for a solution, but also the softwareimageTechnology alliances today between hardware and software companies are more important than ever, as they can "hands on" offer solutions with a joint effort that you just may not find anywhere else.  In this case, Mayo is forging ahead with their solution with Cisco...why...better information technology for clinicians and other healthcare staff... they are not waiting around.  To go one step beyond the Cisco hardware and software, this decision also will include devices that will be connecting....Tablet PCs, mobile cell phones, etc. to provide the entire solution...standards as we have known in the past are pretty much just that...a thing of the past.  BD 

Rochester, N.Y.-based Mayo Clinic plans to test wireless network technologies using the yet to be approved 802.11n standard. The delivery system will evaluate the technology as part of an enterprisewide deployment of network technology from Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif.

The 802.11n wireless standard is projected to enable at least a 100 Mbps data exchange rate, which could be 50 times the rate of the common 802.11b standard. The Piscataway, N.J.-based Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has not yet approved the new standard, although the WiFi Alliance has certified the most recent version issued by the standards making body. Many vendors, including Cisco, have begun shipping technologies with the 802.11n draft 2.0.

Mayo to Test 802.11n Technology

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