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This Bus is an Ambulance

Posted May 14 2009 3:34pm

In Dubai they are converting buses into ambulances, now that’s one huge ambulance but with the size, it has to have everything onboard you could think of or want.  Mercedes-Benz is doing the converting. 

It appears that it could almost be an emergency outpatient facility on wheels, just perhaps not moving though if minor surgery is being performed.  BD


May 14, 2009 "Scalpel please! " is a sentence that might in future not only be heard in a hospital operating theatre, but also in one of the three new, large-capacity Mercedes-Benz ambulances handed over to the Centre of Ambulance Services of the Government of Dubai. From now on, it is the hospital that comes to the patient in Dubai. The clinic buses were ordered so that rapid medical assistance can be rendered in the event of major emergencies with large numbers of injury victims. As is well-known, the survival chances of very seriously injured persons in large measure depend on rapid first treatment, and this is the purpose of the large-capacity ambulances.


Converting the Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses into ambulances took around 700 hours. In addition to widest possible range of medical functions, great attention was paid to quality of craftsmanship and visual appearance. The mediboards, i.e. the walls to which the medical equipment is attached, are in a carbon-fibre look, and brushed stainless steel is used in numerous places. The buses are also the only large-capacity ambulances to feature roll-in systems for stretchers such as those used by paramedical services, so that patients can be rolled into the vehicle in a prone position.

The world’s largest ambulance (and the world’s smallest X-ray unit)

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