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This article does a very good jo ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:19pm

This article does a very good job in explaining the next wave in pharmaceuticals...everyone knows what the "Blockbuster Drug" is...but this was even a new term for me...the new model...and returning R and D back to the scientists...(per Garnier)...almost like what could be considered "baby steps" in layman's terms...BD 

"Garnier's next idea is what he calls " progressive blockbuster." Blockbuster status is the goal that every pharma is seeking yet is becoming more elusive as we enter the smaller patient populations of thepersonalized medicineera. Enter the progressive blockbuster." image

"This is a drug that has been tested on a carefully selected sub-group of patients which have been shown to benefit and have low side-effects from the drug. The FDA would approve the drug only for patients in this specific sub-group. Once the drug has been approved and marketed to this sub-group, additional sub-groups can be added one by one as they show good results and safety. Eventually you will be marketing to enough sub-groups to make it a blockbuster. Voilà: the progressive blockbuster."

Mind to Market: The Progressive Blockbuster

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