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There is electric shock treatmen ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:18pm

There is electric shock treatments for almost everything else in medical devices, and now there is one what will help a wound heal.   It has a layer of fabric  that carries a low level electrical charge when wet, so just get the site wet and you get a charge, interesting way to heal the wound and actually the moisture from the wound itself generates shocks.   It also states the pain is decreased as well.  The device can be left on for 3 days and helps keep bacterial from building up.  Clinical studies were conducted in the Phoenix area and more information is available at the site.   BD 

A Tempe biotech company is applying this week for FDA approval to expand the use of the wound-healing product it is beginning to market to the medical community. Until now, Silverleaf Medical Products Inc. had been giving away its antibacterial wound dressing, called Prosit, to local doctors and hospitals to use for chronic wounds such as skin grafts, hard-to-heal wounds and amputations. The dressing is studded with a matrix of biocompatible micro-barriers on one side, which are activated by moisture from the wound. It also has been found to reduce pain. image

“CMB™ is FDA cleared under K060237 for professional use as an antimicrobial barrier for partial and full-thickness wounds.510 (K) 060237

Silverleaf Medical Products Inc. touting wound-healing bandage - Phoenix Business Journal:

Hat Tip:  Medgadget

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