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The Use of E-Health for Care Delivery

Posted Dec 10 2010 10:29am

E-health care is a noble concept crated for the online health care of people. Information technology (IT) will be one of the most promising upcoming departments in the health services sector. This concord of health service and IT companies has lead to the development of various technologies which are already put into use. These technologies have not only lent a helping hand and made the work easy to cater the needs of an individual but has also taken online patient care to a whole new level.

Social Media and Healthcare

  • Millions of people over the internet satisfy their healthcare needs using the modern medical care portals.
  • Trusted and timely medical information is what an individual strives for. Internet sites and blogs are preferred by the specialists and proficient physicians to bring you the latest news.
  • Social media portals such as Twitter and Facebook have dedicated communities for every disease.
  • Real-time updates can be availed using these websites. The latest healthcare marketing tool is also on Facebook. It is called Facebook Fanpages.
  • Doctors can reach out to their patients directly using this tool and also create their own little market.
  • Some blogs and websites are providing the E-health news for the last 15 years; their associations with the people have made them an E-health brand.

Doctors and information

Visiting your doctor will help, if you know your problem and have prerequisite preparation of doubts to ask; these blogs assist with such services also. They provide various articles and medical journals containing relevant information. Also, they have Social Graph engines, which store the information regarding a certain group’s discussion. Perhaps such tools are very much helpful in understanding the cause and effect of a medical problem. Social concern regarding an epidemic can be quickly detected using this technology. Moreover, it also eases out the consultation anxiety.

E-Health and Emergency

  • Rapid response programs available on the E-health websites and blogs act as a platform offering emergency first-aid recommendation.
  • These are helpful to guide you through various measures that require your urgent care. Mobile Apps can quickly transfer the patient’s health status and alert his/her personal physician.
  • Proper health information storage and first-aid makes a base upon which doctors can operate quickly under emergency situations.

Evolving of e-Health

E-health is evolving as the parent company of nation’s leading insurance companies. Health insurance leads are now easily available online. Here, an individual can get all the facilities and features of an insurance policy available in his area.

Apart from that, you can compare all the plans, quotes, features and even apply for a health insurance plan. This service has reduced the effort of going from one door to another and looking for a suitable health insurance policy.

Another aspect of e-health is the increase in number of e-patients. These are people living in remote areas having no access to healthcare. They are completely dependent on e-health and Telepharmacy systems for their healthcare.

E-Heath and Home Treatments

  • ‘Home haemo-dialysis’ concept is well known among all individuals. These services allow you to carryout dialysis at home on your own or with the assistance of one of your family members.
  • This is totally an outpatient concept which can help people perform dialysis right from the comfort of their home.
  • Whenever the home dialysis is carried out, the patient utilizes his training. He begins by filling out a form or electronic direct connections.
  • Also, there are various trained nurses available, who can guide you through your procedure, test and reports. If an immediate family member is not available, they can assist you during your procedure.
  • Once the procedure is done the reports are directly sent to your doctor. If necessary, the technology can guide you to meet a particular specialist.
  • It is evident from various facts that the life of patients involved in home dialysis is much better than the patients at various dialysis centers.

E-Health: Mission

  • Goal of E-health is to improve the quality of health care, efficiency of medical systems, and take healthcare online.
  • But the real benefit is realized in the remote areas. The easy access to all the information, medical procedures, online telemedicine, and video consultation has changed how rural people perceived healthcare.
  • The distance barriers and excessive time consumption to reach out the health deprived people has now been eradicated from the medical realm using E-health concepts.
  • With more new technology and systems been tested every day in hospitals around the world and the availability of increased funding, e-health is sure to rise to the top of healthcare.

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