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The story continues to fascinate ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:18pm

The story continues to fascinate and make news headlines all over.  As a transman his reproductive organs are still in place, thus the ability to carry a child.  I wonder what this story is going to be like when revisited perhaps in 10 years from now, of course we all don’t know exactly where things will be at that time, but I am curious enough to comment on this.  Will this become more prevalent in society?  We all look upon the strange and different with amazement, but sometimes as time wears on, some of this is adapted in to our culture, some good and maybe some questionable.  image

The writing of a book about it has been put on hold at least until the baby is born, and I guess there’s a matter of time that may need to pass so the family can figure things out.  Does make you wonder about identity sometimes and how we look upon it today and tomorrow.   In the meantime, the man is certainly enjoying a heck of a lot of press and celebrity status to include appearances on Oprah and so on, and the best wishes for a normal and healthy child.  BD 

WHEN Thomas Beatie gives birth in the next few weeks to a baby girl, the blessed event will mark both a personal milestone and a strange and wondrous crossroads in the evolution of American pop culture.  Yet as the first pregnant transman to go public, Mr. Beatie has exposed a mass audience to alterations in the outlines of gender that may be outpacing our comprehension. In the discussions that followed his announcement, what became poignantly clear is that there is no good language yet to discuss his situation, words like an all-purpose pronoun to describe an idea as complex as a pregnant man.

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