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The secret is to hit the cancer ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:22pm

The secret is to hit the cancer with CyberKnife and not the healthy tissue around a tumor...BD 

New hope for cancer patients who were told surgery would never work. A new robot at Roper St. Francis Hospital is giving doctors a new non-invasive way to treat their patients. The CyberKnife offers a new kind of radiation treatment for cancer patients who can't undergo surgery or standard chemotherapy. Before, those cancer patients could be medicated for their pain but there was nothing much else doctors could do for their symptoms.

What makes the CyberKnife so innovative is that while delivering the radiation through a laser, it is able to self-correct itself anytime the patient moves, like when the patient breaths. That means the radiation is only delivered directly to the tumor and not to any healthy tissue.

Doctors say the CyberKnife will help treat cancers in sensitive areas like the brain, spine and lungs. Whether the treatment will extend survival rates is still not known but at the very least doctors say it will greatly relieve patients' pain and symptoms.

The CyberKnife: A New Cancer Treatment At Roper St. Francis | Live 5 News | Local News

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