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The Quiet is…Unnerving.

Posted Aug 08 2010 12:25pm

Last year, all our nation could talk about was the crisis in U.S. healthcare. Now there is an eerie silence. The quiet is…unnerving. Is something happening? Is everything fixed?

Hopefully, you knew those were rhetorical questions with answers: YES and NO!

HR 3590, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPAHCA) or colloquially and derisively called Obamacare, is moving the Democrat Party agenda forward but not the welfare of our nation and its citizens. It will exacerbate, not “Reform,” our healthcare system.

While the Public experiences nothing good and hears little, the healthcare bureaucracy is massively expanding. HR 3590 creates 68 new grant Programs, 47 bureaucratic entities, 29 demonstration projects, six whole new regulatory agencies, six compliance standards, two new entitlements and a very large expansion of the IRS. All this reputedly to solve the healthcare [fiscal] crisis and provide care for uninsured Americans.

The Public has been sold a bill of goods, a basket of goodies that delivers exactly the opposite of what was advertised. This is also known as bait-and-switch. Four months ago, I asked, “Is ‘Credible Congress’ an oxymoron?” I think you will have to agree that the answer is a resounding YES!

Every fact reported below has quantified, documented proof.

Advertised: ‘We must reduce the unsupportable cost of U.S. healthcare.’ (President Obama, January 20, 2009)
Fact: Originally estimated by the GAO to cost only $1 trillion, HR 3590 will spend over $2.7 trillion dollars according to the Society of Financial Service Professionals. That is money we do not have and must borrow. The largest portion of these trillions goes to the government itself.

Advertised: ‘The PPAHCA will provide care for 30 million uninsured Americans.’ (Nancy Pelosi on Charlie Rose)
Fact #1: In January 2010, the GAO reported there were over 45 million uninsured Americans: roughly 12-15 million were illegal residents. Note how the number of uninsured touted by the White House and Congress dis-includes illegal residents. The Federal Government is silent, ambiguous, or self-contradictory on whether or not illegal residents will be covered under HR 3590. They know this is political plutonium.
The Government also ‘forgot’ to tell the Public that 25% of the 45 million “uninsured” Americans qualified for aid Programs that existed before PPAHCA was passed, and refused to apply.
Fact #2: Neither Congress nor any legislation can provide “care” (the “C” in PPAHCA stands for care). Only people called providers can do that.
Fact #3: We do not have enough providers to care for patients right now. Where will 30 million additional newly insured people get care in the face of nurse and doctor shortages?
Even before Healthcare Exacerbation of 2010, these shortages were getting worse. Since 1995, applications to U.S. medical schools have decreased by 20%. Professional satisfaction was 95% in 1972, and in 2004, it was 26%. Forty percent of doctors over age 50 are considering early retirement. Over 500,000 nursing positions are currently unfilled. Who is going to provide the care guaranteed by Congress?

Advertised: ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep him or her.’ (President Obama, multiple times)
Fact: The PPAHCA has cut already low Medicare reimbursements by an additional 21%. Physicians can no longer afford to accept Medicare patients. If you have Medicare (or any insurance plan that follows the Medicare reimbursement schedule), you will no longer have a doctor to “keep.”

Advertised: HR 3590 will determine what works and what does not work. The government will offer only what works. (Every official supporter of the Bill)
Fact: HR 3590 creates cost/effectiveness Commissions to decide what is “cost/effective” for the nation, not for the individual. That is what the British NHS does now and what Dr. Don Berwick, White House-designated Director of Medicare, wants to emulate here.
Treatments deemed to be “not cost/effective” would not be covered and therefore not available. If you are over 55 and need kidney dialysis, or have an atypical cancer and need an unusual drug, you cannot get the treatment. Guess what will happen to you? No one in government would dare name the Commissions as “Death Panels,” but that is what they are.

Advertised: ‘During this recession, HR 3590 will help business by cutting costs.’ (Nancy Pelosi on Charlie Rose)
Fact: Numerous large corporations have publicly shared their estimates of the effects of HR 3590 on their bottom lines. Their calculations showed cost increases just for 2010 as follows: Deere Farm Machinery ($150 million), Caterpillar ($400 million), and AT&T (over $1 billion). Medtronik, the world’s acknowledged leader in heart pacemakers, has already begun to do what the others say they must do: lay off workers to compensate for their increased costs. These costs are generated by a Bill that was advertised to reduce costs.

Have you heard about any of this? I think not. The quiet is unnerving. Actually, it is terrifying. The quiet on the surface is deceptive. Under the radar, there is tremendous activity, all at our expense and NOT to our benefit.
• The governmental bureaucracy is following its own mandate– to expand infinitely .
• Costs are skyrocketing instead of decreasing.
• The deficit is exploding.
• Business is being shackled even further.
• Providers are giving up, making shortages even worse. Meanwhile,
• We are told ‘they know best,’ just keep quiet, accept what they are giving us, while our grandchildren will have to pay the bill for the Bill.

System MD

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