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The number one choice in the UMP ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:22pm

The number one choice in the UMPC category is the EO v7110 from Tablet Kiosk...look around the site under tablet pcs and you can find additional information here or visit the Tablet Kiosk web site. Visit our story from earlier this year with one of my clients, Dr. Rubin using the EO to keep track of all his patients charts on the unit...BD 

If you don’t know what UMPC means, it’s time you got an update. Could this be the start of computing 3.0? No way to tell, this gear is too new to call in terms of overall popularity and sales trends. It could be the Betamax of computing, but could easily wind up being a serious contender for your PC dollars. In case you’re living in a cave in Tora Bora at present, UMPC stands for UltraMobile PC. 

TabletKiosk presents the EO UMPC v7110 tablet PC. This under-a-grand model has a one-gig VIA C7-M low voltage processor, up to a gig of memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Windows XP. If you have never used a tablet PC before, brace yourself for a the learning curve, don’t panic, and remember that it’s made for productivity AND portatbility. This ain’t made to replace your desktop, but it will serve you well on the road once you get used to the lack of a keyboard.

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Source:  GottaBeMobile     UMPC Buzz

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