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The Madoff Whistleblower - Lack of motivation, interest, education and use of modern technology failed a whole bunch of people,

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:29am

Yes you read that correctly and it’s starting to show more and more.  When you watch the 2nd video, the SEC folks have no real answer.  It comes back around to intelligence with technology that wasn’t used, but perhaps they didn’t understand the type of documentation provided by the whistle blower here.  People do that a lot, if they don’t understand something, it goes on ignore.  FDA has their issues too along the same lines as at the beginning of last year articles were out that some clinical information was still being written out in long hand on paper and that all FDA employees did not have a computer! 

Daschle Out of the Race – Now Let’s Shop for a New Candidate at the “Smart” Store

Ignorance is no longer bliss, it will expose your lack of accountability instead.  It certainly would be nice if we began shopping for key figures in the “smart store” instead of the “politics” store.   This is not saying they are not intelligent people by any means, but where did the leave off with hanging on to old technologies and not exploring new avenues.  It’s the old word called “change” again and when pressed as to why an awareness was not there, it’s the same old answer all the time of “I don’t have time”.   There are smart people who do find the time, especially when such large amounts of money are at stake. 

Sometimes by taking the time out to learn something new, you also end up saving yourself a ton of time down the road with learning new methodologies too. There are some parts of the government that are pretty advanced, like DARPA for example who works with private firms and really has helped develop some neat technology in healthcare, but what happened to them? 

Last year DARPA was brought to the carpet for not spending all their money, when in essence they may have been pretty smart with having a lot of private industry backing the R and D.  So what gives here?  Check out the link below for a glucose monitoring system being backed by DARPA, good stuff and that’s only one example as I have several technology posts on here that relate to DARPA. 

New Glucose Sensor Technology Connects To Mobile Phones

Back on the subject, once more I hope we go after the “smart” people for key positions, we need them more than ever right now.  Wall Street used the best until the assets didn’t match their “expressions” in computer code anymore and the wall came down.  Healthcare insurance companies use technology to the highest degree to calculate some very complicated formulas and one company just had their subsidiary shut down as they went too far with denying healthcare benefits based on the formulas that were used and made 1.3 billion doing it, so I wonder why we don’t devote as much time to certifying insurance algorithms as we do for software and algorithms used for EHR systems.

What if Microsoft decided one day to stop focusing on hackers and turned a deaf ear, well it might just resemble what we have had going on here.   Watch the videos and see what your opinion might be.  BD

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