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The Lipstick Vote

Posted Sep 12 2008 5:44am

One of the main drivers in launching this blog is to discuss healthcare reform. During the two months prior to a major election one would think that this topic would be all across the headlines as candidates stake out their position on this issue that consistently ranks just behind the war and the overall economy in order of importance. Yet what do we get–lip stick.

Hockey moms and lipstick, pigs and lipstick, who used the term first–who cares? This ongoing debate of whether the lipstick label is a personal insult or an offense to women couldn’t be more trivial. How is this going to help anyone choose who they believe can turn the economy around? How is this going to help anyone pick their person to continue the next phase of the War in Iraq and the War on Terror? How is this going to help anyone decide who’s healthcare reform plan is best for the country?

Lipstick does not insure the uninsured. Lipstick does not make prescription medications more affordable. Lipstick does not prevent childhood obesity or fund HIV research or prevent unintended pregnancies. Lipstick is not the issue. Perhaps it’s time for all of the candidates, surrogates, and pundits to get back on message.

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