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The First Eyelash Transplant a Success – Too Late for Latisse?

Posted Aug 09 2009 10:58pm

It sounds like an extreme case of trichotillomania, where one pulls out their hair, but from the sounds of this story, it sounds as if she pulled out her image eyelashes…ouch!   This is not to be confused with hypotrichosis, which some consider a condition treatable also referred to as “inadequate eyelashes”, jury is still somewhat out on that one on whether it really qualifies and questions still arise about the fact that this disease was a new disease that was created. 

At any rate, this certainly seems to be one extreme case with a transplant being required and at a cost of over $5000.00.  BD 

One of Britain's biggest cosmetic surgery clinics claimed Sunday to have carried out the nation's first-ever eyelash transplant on a 19-year-old with a hair-pulling disorder.

"The eyelash transplant procedure is a very safe, cost-effective and pain-free treatment that can have life-changing effects," said Shami Thomas of Transform, which only identified the patient as being from the Manchester area.

The teenager suffered from trichotillomania, or trich, an impulsive control disorder in which sufferers compulsively yank hair off their bodies, leaving bald patches.

Teen gets Britain's first eyelash transplant: surgeons

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