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The False Promise of EMRs

Posted Dec 29 2008 11:28pm
There have been several good discussions lately debunking President-elect Obama's claim that electronic medical records (EMRs) will achieve huge health care cost savings.

Dr. Steve Knope explains, " Why This Concierge Practice Prefers Paper Records".

Lee Gomes writes, " Why Tech Can't Cure Medical Inflation".

Dr. Kevin Pho discusses, " Why doctors still balk at electronic medical records".

Newsweek dissects, " Obama's Inflated Health Savings".

As these articles note, the fundamental problem with our health care system is not one of information technology. In fact, a government-mandated adoption of EMR could hamper good clinical practice. Rather, the fundamental problem is the perverse economics caused by decades of government policies. Hence, instead of a bogus technical "fix", we need fundamental free market health care reforms.
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