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The Department Of Energy Kind of Fails It’s Own Audit – Not Using Their In-House Energy Profiler

Posted Jun 09 2009 10:44pm

The department created a Data Center Energy Profiler, software to analyze but nobody in the departments used it after a cost of just under 1/2 image million to create it, sound familiar, business intelligence software untouched.  

One hospital though is doing good things in this area.  See what Dr. Halamka is doing up at Harvard Medical Center using virtualization with server consolidation.  Wonder if virtual technology is in use at the DOE or any plans for using some clouds?   BD

Healthcare CIO: Kill a Watt!

Energy is a big deal in the Obama administration. Billions of dollars in the economic stimulus package are earmarked for upgrading the power grid, paying for alternative energy credits, and developing clean energy sources. On Tuesday, a 'cash-for-clunkers' bill intended to get gas guzzlers off the road rolled through the House. But at the Department of Energy, it's been business as usual.

An audit report released by Inspector General Gregory H. Friedman in late May puts the DOE in a hot seat warmed by always-on PCs and data centers where energy use goes unmonitored.

How has the DOE neglected opportunities to lower its own energy use? Let us count the ways:

  1. The seven Federal and contractor sites included in our review had not fully reduced energy consumption through implementation of power management settings on their desktop and laptop computers; and as a consequence, spent $1.6 million more on energy costs than necessary in Fiscal Year 2008;
  2. None of the sites reviewed had taken advantage of opportunities to reduce energy consumption, enhance cyber security, and reduce costs available through the use of techniques, such as "thin-client computing" in their unclassified environments; and,
  3. Sites had not always taken the necessary steps to reduce energy consumption and resource usage of their data centers, such as amount of energy used at their facilities.

The Department Of Energy's Woeful IT Energy Audit - Green Computing Blog - InformationWeek

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