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The Central Axis of Hongxing Cone Crusher

Posted Nov 29 2012 3:00am

The axis nut in the cone crusher is used to prevent the separation between the upper rollaway nest fixed on the transition platform and the idler wheel installed on the base. This separation often happens when the bucket arm reaches to the farthest during the excavation process. The nut and the pressing plate are fixed on the central axis o f the cone crusher. The spherical copper pad which can be adjusted automatically is installed between the base and the central axis.
The gap between the central axis refers to the gap between the spherical copper pad and the copper sleeve. The normal value is 1mm. If the gap is too small, the rotating noise of the excvavtor will be too great. In this way, the ring rollaway nest, running pulley and the copper sleeve at the center of the base will be easily to be worn. As a result, the gap should be checked often. The checking way is the following. Lift the basket replenished to the highest height and the amplitude place. At this time, the rotary table of the excavator will move forward since the gravity center of the rotary table moves forward. Then you should check the gap between the supporting running pulley and the upper rollaway nest. This gap is two times larger than the gap between central axis. When the gap between the central shafts of the cone crusher increases to 2mm, the gap must be adjusted. In the adjustment process, you should remove the pressing board so that the nut will not rotate. At thie time, you can slowly start the rotating mechanism.  If the rotary table rotates clockwise, the gap will reduce. However, if the rotary table rotates anticlockwise, the gap will increase. The helical pitch of the nut is 4mm. The angel and the direction for the rotation of the rotary table should be determined according to the requirements. After the adjustment, you can remove the lever and install the machine with pressing board.

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