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The Baucus Bill Becoming a Circus – Still Working on Trying to Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat

Posted Oct 09 2009 10:01pm

The Wall Street Journal’s insight here, and I agree, it is a circus and it’s like waiting to see if they can pull a rabbit out of the hat.  I am curious to image know what type of business intelligence software they are using for all of this, just my nature being curious as to what method of aggregation and mining is used.  I hope they are not trying to do this on Excel Spreadsheets, but nothing would surprise me at this point.  I think they need some better algorithms, like the ones used by Wall Street, that took all the money from the middle class, as there is strong proof that those algos work, unfortunately.

  Would someone explain data aggregation and “high frequency Healthcare" to Members of Congress

High frequency healthcare, do they have a faint idea as to what this is?  It’s what we have out there today from the health insurance side of things.  They have the algos that score, deny claims and/or coverage and ear mark claims for fraud, the payment Algos.

When I was in sales and created a proposal, I was always taught to be sure and include a pad, in other words mark it up to cover incidentals that could have been missed or arrived later in the process of completing a job, so I hope they have one hell of pad here.

Also, one other item worth the mention too is that I don’t hear any mention of a “pad” that needs to be added for technology.   If you base budgets on how we operate today, you’re out of luck.  You have to be able to budget today for things that don’t even exist, and you can’t even perhaps get your arms around what they could be, but put a lot of money in there to cover it, as the money will be needed as technology and changing methodologies happen.  Ask any hospital CEO that does budgets, they go through this all the time, budgeting for items that don’t even exist at the time of preparation. 

I think the Colbert report analyzed the circus right up front – send your healthcare bills to Max Baucus.(grin)

Colbert Nation – Send Your Medical Bills to Max Baucus

This just goes back to what I say so many times, those that do not participate in technology have no clue and thus are not in tune to the types of laws and issues that really need to be addressed, and we end up with the circus and not a step closer to algorithmic centric laws, what we need.  BD

Washington spent the week waiting for the Congressional Budget Office to roll in with its new cost estimates of the Senate health-care bill, and what a carnival. Behold: a new $829 billion entitlement that will subsidize insurance for tens of millions of people— and reduce deficits by $81 billion at the same time. In the next tent, see the mermaid and a two-headed cow.

The political and media classes are proving they'll believe anything, as they are now pronouncing that this never-before-seen miracle is a "green light" for ObamaCare. (What isn't these days?) The irony is that the CBO's guesstimate exposes the fraudulence and fiscal sleight-of-hand underlying this whole exercise. Anyone who reads beyond the top-line numbers will find that the bill creates massive new spending commitments that will inevitably explode over time, and that this is "paid for" with huge tax increases plus phantom spending cuts that will never happen in practice.

Senate Finance votes next week, and no doubt this freak of political nature will pass amid fanfare and self-congratulation that their new entitlement will reduce deficits. Never mind that such a spectacle has never happened in the history of the republic. P.T. Barnum had nothing on this crowd, and the bill hasn't even hit the Senate floor yet.

CBO Report on Baucus Bill -

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