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The abscess cavity - full of Chapman

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:29pm

MTAS and MMC were a filthy filthy abscess that needed draining, the incision has been made, however there remains are sizeable amount of pus within the loculated abscess cavity.

Clare Chapman has been at the centre of this purulent collection since its very conception. She has been involved in all the key decisions, which have led to dismal failure time and time again. Clare Chapman knows nothing of medicine, she is a generic manager and used to work for Tesco's.

No one has been brought to account for these failings, Clare Chapman still sits in her comfy chair and is free to continue with her incompetent fiddling. Training doctors is not like training supermarket workers, medicine is not like a generic business, competency based empowerment programs suck as 'skills for health' do not drive up standards and ensure a high quality service. Clare Chapman seems to have far too much power for someone with so little brain:

“Part of the principles behind MMC was around how to make sure that doctor training isn’t done in isolation of the rest of the health care professionals they are working in the team with, and a piece of work that is currently going on at the moment is to look at integrated care pathways and actually understand what the workforce implications are of those - which of course will cover all the professionals involved in delivering that care.”

What planet is Clare Chapman from? Does she really think that doctors have been training is isolation all these years? She may wish to learn that doctors are very different to other health care professionals and need to be trained very differently. It may be possible to empower idiots at Tesco's and get away with it, empowering idiots in the health system can have far more disastrous consequences.

The purulent filth that is Clare Chapman must be completely removed from the abscess cavity, not even the tiniest drop of this infectious scum must be left in place to wreak more havoc and wreck more lives. If the wound is to heal without complications we must be vigilant, the bugs must perish.
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