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Technology for Processing Waste in the Rotary Kiln

Posted Nov 27 2012 5:51am

The application of rotary kiln for incinerating the hazardous waste has become an important process for the treat and disposal of the hazardous wastes. The study at abroad on the rotary is mainly about the cement, metallurgy and chemical industry. The heat treatment is mainly studied. However, the study on the incineration for the hazardous waste is not many.
The rotary kiln has been gradually become the one of the common furnaces for the incineration for the hazardous with the advantages of broad material application and flexible operation adjustment. However, due to the particularity for the rotary kiln for processing the materials, the rotary kiln itself can not achieve the requirements of environmental emissions. Therefore, in the rotary kiln, the high-temperature secondary combustion chamber, or even three-time combustion chamber design is often used to ensure that the toxic constituents of hazardous waste can be completely destroyed or removed. However, the hazardous wastes themselves have various types, complex resource and changeable components. In addition, there is no complete, strict and forceful method for classifying collection and treatment for the hazardous wastes. In the actual process, the hazardous waste is a kind of mixture of a lot of hazardous wastes. It is very difficult to establish an incineration system for processing various wastes.
There are a lot of incineration devices for the hazardous waste. This kind of equipment at home can be divided into the single-chamber incinerators, duplex incinerator, fixed bed control oxygen incinerator, the mechanical hearth incinerator, the rotary kiln incinerator, the liquid jet incinerator, fluidized bed incinerator, DC arc furnace, plasma arc furnace and the plasma gasification furnace. According to the above requirements, most of the incineration devices which have been established in this stage can not achieve the requirements. 
The incineration system for the hazardous waste is different from the incineration system for the ordinary industrial waste. In the actual operation, the incineration system of the rotary kiln must be designed according to the characteristics of the hazardous waste, the degree of maturity of the technology, management, the using requirements and the local technology economic conditions.

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