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Technical Feature of Incineration Device of Rotary Kiln

Posted Nov 27 2012 5:44am

The incineration device of the rotary kiln is composed by the noumenon of the rotary kiln and the secondary combustion chamber. The materials in the rotary kiln is dried, pyrolyzed and incinerated with the combustion-supporting of the diesel oil and the perturbation action of the air. The gas after the pyrolysis and combustion enters the secondary burning combustion chamber for continuous burning from the end of the kiln. On one hand, the full combustion can be ensured. On the other hand, the temperature of the furnace can be enhanced without destroying the rotary kiln. The liquid waste is sprayed into the secondary combustion for incineration by the high pressure pump through the atomization device. The working temperature of the rotary kiln should be designed 500℃ to 700℃. The working temperature of the secondary combustion chamber should be designed 1100℃ to 1200℃. The residence time is over 4 hours. The destruction rate of the organics is more than 99.99%.
The technical features of the incineration device of the rotary kiln produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery are the followings. First, the incineration device of the rotary kiln has very long service life. The main reason affecting the working life of the rotary kiln is the cylinder of the rotary kiln made of refractory materials. The cylinder is made of the high-quality and wearable material. In addition, the temperature of the kiln body and the rotating speed can be controlled effectively. Therefore, the overhaul period of the cylinder of rotary kiln is very long. Second, the burn rate is high. The rotation of the rotary kiln with certain tilt can turn over the waste materials and makes them fully contact with the air. In addition, the above process can maintain about one hour. Therefore, the full pyrolysis and incineration of the materials can be ensured. Therefore, the decomposition of the waste materials is full and the buring rate is very high. Third, the operation is very stable. Since the rotating speed of the rotary is very slow and the transmission components work outside the barrel with the room temperature, the stability of the system is very high. Forth, this kind of incineration can adapt to the types of the waste materials very well.

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