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Taming Chaotic Project Management - Develop a project classification scheme

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:04pm

As one begins to rollout the practice of project management, it is wise to develop a project classification scheme. To be frank, your non-supporters will look at the level of communication through formal documentation and explain to the hillside that this is just too much documentation. The argument of the empower to discern what is needed to help manage the project becomes unclear to those unfamiliar with the project management process.

In order to help these individual in the adoption of a repeatable project management process, it is important group projects based upon their similarities. After all one size does not fit all, which explains why I haven't fit into a size 2 for decades.

A proposed project classification scheme by characteristics

  • Organizational Adoption Risk Assessment - Establish the level of risk for the business adopting the solution in a timely manner. It may be best to start with high, medium, and low ranges.
  • Number of Dependent Projects - Ascertaining the dependent projects for this effort (none, one, two, three, four or more)
  • Business Benefits - Establish the ROI and VOI for the solution, it will be best to level set the item in (Critical, High, Medium, Low, Minimal)
  • Project Length - Ascertain the proposed length of the implementation under 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, a year, over a year.
  • Technology Familarity - Determine the technology familiarity (Bleeding Edge, first used in the industry, first time used here, staff has familiarity, legacy)
  • Number of Different Vendors - Establish the amount of different vendors who need to interrelate for this project to be completed.
  • Number of Different Departments Impacted - Establish number of facilities, department, and individuals affected.
  • Project Cost - The total cost, capital and operating, of the endeavor. I'd also include operating salaries. After all we don't work for free.
  • Implementation Hours - The amount of vendor and your implementation hours.

Takeaway points

A project classification scheme will help facilitate which methodology will best suite the project implementation.

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