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Talk To Your Doctor About Labor Induction

Posted Jul 08 2009 2:51pm
It seems that many pregnant couples* drift up to and past delivery due days without having a serious discussion with the woman's doctor about induction. Apparently, some doctors waive off induction, and encourage waiting for nature to take its course. This is not always a good idea. As the delivery due date approaches patients should be proactive regarding labor induction. According to The Mayo Clinic, "In the United States, an estimated one in five labors is induced." Sometimes, delivering sooner rather than later is better. If the baby is far enough along that its lungs are mature, the cervix has started to prepare for delivery, and the woman has not had a prior c-section, the doctor should be asked about scheduling an induction. There are significant risks sometimes associated with carrying a fetus beyond its due date. Generally, a fetus should not be carried two weeks beyond the due date. Click here to read an informative guide on the pros and cons of induction from The Mayo Clinic.

*(These days women aren't pregnant, couples are. Yeah right.)
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