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Synthetic Marijuana Called K2 Being Banned by Various States – Users Ending Up in Hospital ER Rooms

Posted Jul 11 2010 10:56pm

This is something I had not heard of and it came from a lab at Clemson, the formula used to create a synthetic version of marijuana for testing and research.  So now we have the synthetic version that somehow got loose.  Now that the cat was out of the bag, with creating a simulated version of the active ingredient image some went to town with creating a new product with other ingredients added.

The product is known as Spice, Demon or Genie and sometimes called incense.  It seems now there needs to be a law of some sorts or regulation from a federal level as well to prohibit the sale.  One of the big concerns is that the formula for the chemical had never been tested with humans and could in fact be toxic as people are ending up in the ER rooms at hospitals in many states.  BD

States are rushing to implement bans on a new recreational drug called K2. K2 is synthetic marijuana. The governor of Missouri just signed a bill prohibiting possession of K2: he was the eighth governor to do so this year. Users have been turning up in emergency rooms suffering from hallucinations, vomiting and heart rates so elevated they have to be sedated. Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Ohio have also banned the drug.

So where did this stuff come from, anyway? It was originally developed in the lab at Clemson University. Chemist John W. Huffman created synthetic cannaboids for research and therapeutic purposes. They mimic the effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in marijuana. Huffman said that chemicals are for research only and could very well have toxic effects on humans. No one seems to know how the chemical escaped the lab, but the K2 being sold has the chemical plus whatever other substances the dealer adds to it. There is no standardized product, which is another reason people are getting so sick.

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