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Swine Flu- The New Pandemic?

Posted May 14 2009 5:02pm

The Swine Flu has been reported by the CDC as a potential pandemic. Symptoms include chills, fever, malaise, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and upper respiratory symptoms.

    Well folks, I think that I have been the unfortunate victim of this illness. The sudden onset of low grade fever, body aches from hell, nausea, vomiting EVERY hour, chills, sweats, and now on day two the stuffy nose and slight cough. A business next door to my office has had several workers struck with the same symptoms and one came to the office to be treated.

    Within 22 hours, three people in our office came down with the same symptoms with varying times of exposure. I was the lucky one with the longest contact so I ended up with the full force of the illness.
    I am going to propose that this is an airborne virus as well and contact.

    The good thing is that the process doesn’t last more than three or four days (I’ve heard and pray!)

    I hope that you all don’t have to experience this illness for yourselves. Protect yourself and your families by washing your hands frequently and avoid obviously ill people if you can do so.

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