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Swine flu Tests Emergency Response Systems at Long Beach Memorial – CDC Video Says Wash your Hands

Posted May 03 2009 10:48pm

So far Long Beach Memorial has not seen one case of the flu yet, but they were busy testing.  Long Beach Memorial is the 2nd largest non profit hospital in the west.  The hospital has had a plan in place for pandemic influenza for a few years.  A short while back, I spoke with Dr. Leo about their transition to electronic medical records and you can bet tracking the information through the business intelligence reporting of the system is going to play a role in reporting statistics, how many were tested, results if any and all the demographic and other pertinent information.  image

Drills are occasionally run, but right now, with the ERs being flooded a drill might have to wait.  The CDC has also issued a reminder in video format to tell everyone again, to wash your hands.  Some hospitals have had to resort to putting up temporary tents to handle the influx of patients at the ERs.  BD 

In the emergency room at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, where scores of frightened people arrived last week to have their nerves eased and their fevers abated, the triage was simple:
Those complaining of flu symptoms were masked and separated from the rest of the ER patients until they could be further evaluated. Those who were visibly ill were immediately isolated pending tests. Those determined to be the "worried well," in hospital lingo, were reassured and sent home. It was a choreography of salvation, danced time and again.

"This is a lot of concern and appropriate watchfulness for something that is fortunately turning out to be clinically mild," said Dr. James D. Leo, the hospital's associate chief medical officer.

Swine flu scare gives hospital a practice run - Los Angeles Times

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