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Swami ramdev Ayurvedic medicines for blood sugar

Posted Jun 18 2010 5:59am
Ayurveda is the life science that deals with the medicines extracted from natural products such as plants and green vegetation. According to Ayurveda, diabetes is the disease that takes place due to the deposition of harmful substance in the tissues. This eventually results in blocking circulatory system. Apart from these, poor diet, lack of physical activities, imbalanced nervous system, mental stress, and disturbed natural biological cycle also cause diabetes.
 We would be remiss if we did not mention to you that the most important aspect of managing diabetes is ensuring that you eat a healthy, balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, and get regular exercise. Moreover, supplements work best, including glucose support herbs, when you also make these health enhancing lifestyle changes.Conventional wisdom says if you're not having symptoms, your blood sugar control problems are not such a big deal, they're wrong! If you do not have symptoms now, here is a little sampling: Foggy thinking, memory lapses, weak and irritable before meals, low energy levels, cravings for sugar, kidney problems and high blood pressure and cholesterol levels are just a few of the symptoms you might not be attributing to unbalanced sugars in your blood.
Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine practiced by Hindus. In India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, conventional medical practitioners work together with Ayurvedic physicians to treat patients. Based on complete heathcare system through detoxification, diet, exercise, herbal medicine and techniques to improve mental and emotional health, Ayurvedic medicine is practiced to maintain health and prevent illnesses. Revolving around keeping the three vital energies balanced, Ayurveda considers good digestion and positive emotions as keys to good health. Infants to elderly persons can benefit from Ayurvedic medicine which can cure many modern conditions or diseases. Most localities will have at least a shop where you can buy Ayuvedic medicine after seeking advice from a certified practitioner.Indian gooseberry is also an excellent source of vitamin C. It is very effective in controlling the level of insulin in the body. Mix one tablespoon juice of Indian gooseberry with one cup of fresh juice of bitter gourd. Sip this mixture daily for two months, which will help the pancreas to function properly.All over the world today we are looking for a natural system of healing that is comprehensive and complete, that is not merely some curious form of folk healing but a real and rational system of medicine that is sensitive to both nature and the Earth. This is exactly what Ayurveda has to offer, for it has a many thousand year-old clinical tradition and a comprehensive natural method of treatment ranging from diet, herbs and massage.With Ayurveda we learn the right diet for our individual type, how to improve our immune system, he keys to right use of sexual energy and rejuvenation,a nd a conscious way of life that can lift us to a new level of awareness in all our endeavors.Without such natural wisdom as Ayurveda, we may find ourselves not only unhealthy, but unhappy and spiritually confused.

Whether you have minor aches and pains, or you've been diagnosed with a disease, looking at natural remedies is a great way to seek relief. You won't have to be prescribed these medications by a doctor, and you won't have to worry about them costing and arm and a leg, because they are not produced in labs but come from the Earth. Natural remedies have been around for a long time, and if you're wondering how to heal your ailments, you should research which herbs are best for you.
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