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Swallow A Sponge and Check for Oesophageal Cancer–The Cytosponge Study and Trial

Posted Sep 13 2010 9:25am

Research scientists have created sponge, tied to a string that the patient swallows and it collects cells from the stomach.  The sponge is being tested in the UK and has been used with some pretty high accuracy of around 90%. image

The test could be given in a primary practice office and would stand to be a lot less expensive than an endoscope examination.  In the trial, all patients used the sponge and also had an endoscopy to verify the results.  More studies are needed to bring this technology to light.  The image contained here is not the actual product used.  BD 

Medical Research Council scientists have created the "cytosponge" which collects cells from the stomach.

These cells can be checked for a pre-cancerous condition called Barrett's oesophagus which can affect people with a long history of heartburn.

One in 10 people with the condition will go on to develop oesophageal, or food pipe cancer.

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