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Superbug MRSA Living Amongst Us

Posted Mar 10 2009 3:52pm

This is a story about a young man who caught staph at the gym through an open cut.  This not to say don’t go to the gym, just carry a towel aro image und and wipe benches and other equipment before jumping on, depending on how much of the body touches the device is a clue to a degree.  Staph infections are killing more people annually now than AIDS, so something to be aware of.  Some forms of staph may not need antibiotics, like perhaps a boil that can be drained and heal on it’s own.  Each case is individual.  Years ago I had one after surgery which was inside the incision, no detected, but blood test found it, and this was after having been back to work for a few weeks too and all I had was an overall pain in the incision area that hung on, later found out it was staph. 

Over at Placebo Journal, they had T-Shirts and maybe there might still be some left you can wear to create an awareness of MRSA.

Placebo Journal Blog: MRSA SHIRT VIDEO


“I went to the hospital and all I got was this lousy shirt, and MRSA”.  

A while back I did an interview with Cook Medical regarding impregnated catheters to also help avoid infections from the onset.

Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections – Interview

The good news of late seems to be that cases of MRSA have been reported declining a little.  BD 

MIDDLETOWN — Scott Wills had never heard of the dangerous superbug that left him in excruciating pain until he contracted the infection through a cut on his foot at a gym.

"I didn't know anything about MRSA,'' said Wills, 39, of Middletown. "When they diagnosed me with gout I believed them. ... If I had been diagnosed (with MRSA) two or three days later I could have lost my leg or died." 

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is a bacterial infection resistant to commonly used antibiotics such as methicillin and penicillin.  Based on statistics from a 2007 study by the American Medical Association, MRSA is responsible for more than 94,000 serious infections and 19,000 deaths annually, killing more people than the AIDS virus.

Superbug MRSA, common in hospitals, now 'everywhere'

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