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Structure and Features of PZ Vibrating Jaw Crusher

Posted Oct 12 2012 2:52am

The PZ type vibrating jaw crusher is mainly composed of the moving cone and fixed cone, rack, the eccentric block, the main vibrating spring, rolling bearing, the spindle, the vibration isolation spring and other components. The movable cone is supported on the rack through the main vibration spring. The eccentric block is suspended on the spindle of the lower portion of the movable cone. The entire crusher is located on the isolator spring through the rack. When the power source drives the rotation of the eccentric block, exciting force will be generated to force the movable cone to swing.
The materials are fed from the upper feed port to the crushing cavity composed by the movable cone and the fixed cone. The materials suffer from the action of the high-frequency pulse power. As a result, the original cracks or defects of the materials will increase with the action of this force until they are crushed into the small particles. Then the materials enter the next appropriate position of the crushing cavity for again or repeated crushing. Different from the KH / I inertia jaw breaker, the moving cone only produces swing without spinning motion. The KH type inertia jaw crusher can omit the high-voltage dilute oil device when the rolling bearing uses the grease lubrication. The PZ-type vibrating jaw crusher uses the rolling bearing, which can improve the excitation frequency and improve the swinging times of the movable cone to improve the production rate and the crushing ration compared with the KH / I jaw crusher.
In addition, the PZ-type vibrating jaw crusher also the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, easy manufacturing and low cost, and it can use higher swinging frequency of the dynamic cone to increase the production output. Based on the advantages of the KH inertia jaw crusher, the experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery have successfully developed a kind of composite sync vibrating jaw crusher. The composite sync means the synchronization of the vibration and control. The PZ type jaw crusher has novel structure, which completely divorces from the frame model of the traditional jaw crusher and KH and inertia jaw crusher machine and it has a unique structure.
The PZ type vibrating jaw crusher is a kind of new generation of jaw crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery, which can achieve the effective crushing of the materials.

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