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States Do not have the Money to manage the Funds – Stimulus for the Stimulus?

Posted Apr 09 2009 6:21pm

This is an interesting report here and relates back to business intelligence information needed to report back as to where and how the money is and will be spent.  To accomplish this, you need business intelligence software to pull this all together and this indicates systems may need additional software and revisions to begin the process.  What will this do to delay getting the funds out?  That’s probably a real good question and perhaps due to time constraints, as we can’t wait perhaps an auditing report after the fact may be sufficient while the money is found to create the initial planning software capabilities.  image

I read quite a bit on the web about the HIMMS convention with stimulus being the big word and the main topic of discussion.  That sort of proves itself too as almost every software vendor has a section dedicated to helping you with the stimulus issues.  That in essence is good, but how much help will you get, perhaps only the information as relates to their product I might guess, so when dealing with multiple vendors, you now could have a collection of “stimulus experts”, each with a solution relative to the solution they are marketing.  Somewhere along the line I read about a company getting an unsolicited call from Cisco, offering to be their stimulus expert.  The company had never done business with them before and I’m sure there might be other incidents as such. 

Now to bring this under one roof, here begins the search for the overall stimulus expert that can help you gather all this information together under one dashboard and make sense of it, so you can proceed with getting the funds.  Anyway, if you have followed along thus far, you can see we have a potentially large project in the making here.  There’s too much needed money and help available to take the approach of bowing out today too, as which is something people do sometimes if the work and efforts are deemed too time consuming and difficult, we have all been there and done that to some degree in our lives. 

So this now brings us back to the subject mentioned in the first line above – business intelligence, something Wall Street and health care insurance companies have thrived on for years and maybe part of the reason profits were so large, depending on how the software was programmed for the desired results.  So there we have it, one more layer of information needed for transparency and money to obtain stimulus funds.  Will there be stimulus funds for the stimulus funds so the states can obtain and account for the money, just a question here.  The bigger the state, the bigger the need for both.

Hospitals have a number of requirements as well for the electronic medical records support under the stimulus bill.  Hopefully we can all find the business intelligence tools and money needed to get the money and change the way business has been done in the past.  BD 

States don’t have the money to manage the money they’re supposed to be managing.

And that is worrying state officials around the country. They know the Obama administration will provide intense oversight of their use of stimulus dollars, and call them on the carpet if they can’t account for how they spend the money. At the same time, the administration is pushing the stimulus money out the door as quickly as possible, adding extra pressure to the states.

To fully achieve the president’s vision, states likely need to reconfigure their reporting systems that are expected to handle nearly $300 billion of the stimulus funds. The hodgepodge of state systems will need to conform to common requirements to report contracts, subcontracts, subgrants, job creation and other data, according to state and federal officials and other experts.

Another project,, posts raw data about the stimulus spending online for thousands of journalists and activists to comb through.

States wrestle with stimulus funding -- Federal Computer Week

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