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Stale Milk

Posted Jun 09 2009 12:17pm

Consistency is a virtue in the world of BCC. Consistent communication and clear messages are vital to motivating a change in behavior.

But even the most consistent campaigns need to shake things up every now and then. After 16 years of featuring famous faces with milk moustaches, the “Got Milk?” campaign is taking a new tack to tout the virtues of drinking milk.


Superman_gotmilk A downloadable “advergame” hopes to dazzle teens with music, video and manual dexterity, all the while espousing the benefits of drinking the wonder tonic. The California Milk Processor Board, the originator of the “Got Milk?” campaign, is hoping the cool factor of the game and its accompanying music video will rub off on milk. The video stars the campaign’s fictitious rocker, White Gold.


The iconic “Got Milk?” campaign has snagged dozens of advertising awards and increased milk sales in the U.S.after a 20-year slump. It also boasts more than 90% awareness in America. So, why the change after so much history and so much success? According to the campaign, milk wanted to reach out to teenagers. While teens have always been a part of the target audience, the campaign wanted to specifically target teens through a new media channel. Campaign research showed that internet games were the best way to reach out to teens and get their attention. The famous “Got Milk?” moustaches will remain, but the White Gold video game will seek out a new audience of teenagers who respond to computers, cell phones and video games.


While we all dream of 90% saturation for our own campaigns, the lesson here is that even the most successful communication needs refreshing. Staying relevant to your audience is vital, even if it means revamping a campaign that’s been successful in the past. The key is to balance the strategic reasons for tweaking a campaign and the value of consistency. In this case, the iconic campaign wasn’t scrapped, just shifted to a new media strategy and channel that will connect with a new target audience.  Perhaps adding a new channel is all you need to stay relevant with your audience.


Follow this link or this one , to see some examples of other online gaming for health.


Beth Skorochod is a consultant in the HIV department.

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