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Spinal Cord Injury Patient Treated With Non-Matched Donor Adult Stem Cells Is Walking Again

Posted Dec 10 2010 6:18pm

MediStem is located in San Diego and this was the first patient to be injected with stem cells from a donor as he had severe spinal cord damage a result of an image accident.  This is totally amazing with the results as he was no longer walking and from the time of the injection in November of 2008 until July of 2009, he’s no again walking and regained the ability gradually.  From everything I am reading today with stem cells and the spinal area, before having certain surgeries it certainly doesn’t sound like it hurt at all to look at this possibility for the healing processes if people are again walking. 

At UCI the Geron clinical trials are also taking place with the use of stem cells to regenerate the spinal cord with injuries and perhaps even birth defects or other situations.  This was reported in the journals and as the press release states, this is only one patient but the results sound excellent to continue forward. MediStem plans to begin clinical trials in the first quarter of 2011, right around the corner.  Endometrial stem cells can be made into lung, liver, brain, pancreas, bone, fat, blood vessel heart and muscle tissues as well.  Hopefully they will get the stem cell laws straightened out soon as it stands in the way of progress and curing diseases.   This is why are are beginning to see organ transplant labs opening to where the organ may not be sufficient to use for an actual transplant, but they can get in there and drain the stem cells and grown new organs.  BD 

SAN DIEGO, CA--announced today peer-reviewed publication of its data on what is believed to be the first "combination therapy" adult stem cell protocol for spinal cord injury.

The patient treated, who was 29 years old at the time, suffered a spinal cord injury resulting from an airplane crash on May 13th of 2008. He had no walking ability, intermittent pain and loss of sexual function. The patient was injected with a combination universal donor stem cell therapy in November of 2008, and January and July of 2009. A gradual improvement was observed subsequent to each administration of stem cells.

Currently the patient has recovered sexual function, is walking, and has a dramatic reduction in pain symptoms.

The medical article describing the procedure was published in the peer-reviewed journal International Archives of Internal Medicine and was co-authored by scientists at the University of California San Diego, Indiana University, and University of Utah. It can be accessed at this link : .

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