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Speed Up Your Diagnosis with these 4 Mobile Medical Apps

Posted Jul 24 2012 1:03pm

Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices can now be utilized for diagnosis and treatment.

Mobile app developers have enabled doctors and patients to learn while on the go.

Here are 4 mobile medical apps you can use to speed up your diagnosis and treatment.

1. Isabel App

Is your patient experiencing unique symptoms?

Fear not because you can provide an accurate diagnosis with the help of the Isabel App. This checklist program enables doctors to input the symptoms of the patient and checks them against the 6000 conditions embedded in the program.

What’s great about this app is that you can refine the diagnosis to fit the patient’s age, medical history or recent travel. For a monthly cost of $10.99, physicians can have this app on their iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

2. Draw MD

Draw MD (a free iPad app) can help you communicate complex procedures to patients in an easy-to-understand way.

This program has interactive diagrams encompassing the nine medical disciplines of Ob-gyn , urology, orthopedics, general and vascular surgery, otolaryngology, cardiology , critical care and anesthesiology . With Draw MD you can doodle on the body part where an operation will take place, and e-mail the information from Draw MD to your client.

Draw MD can also help patients ask better questions and clarify all their misconceptions with your procedure or operation.

3. AsthmaSense

AsthmaSense monitors patient’s conditions by tracking breathing and managing their medications. All they need to do is input their symptom, medication history and breathing function meter results. With this program, patients can save a month’s worth of data to show to their doctor upon consultation.

What’s great about AsthmaSense is that it reminds patients to take their medication and alerts them if it concludes that their asthma is poorly controlled. At only $3.99, this app can be downloaded by asthmatics with Google Android or Apple iOS gadgets.

4. Emmi Solutions

In this day and age, patients can easily access information about their conditions with Emmi Solutions.

Emmi Solutions can also help physicians by reminding you to follow up with patients after consultations. The app also provides assistance for medical diagnosis, preventative and therapeutic information which you can utilize for patients. This app can be use on any Android or Apple iOS device.

The explosion of medical apps are another example of how quickly mobile medical technology is evolving.

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