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Sovereign Health of California Expands Addiction Treatment Services Adding Neurofeedback–Brainwave Analysis Algorithms

Posted Aug 23 2010 11:10am

This is one of those highly discussed areas and you can read comments all over the image web about yes it works or no it does not.  The fact that this press release says its is evidence based shows that it works for some people as an alternative to drugs.  Life is becoming one big algorithm for sure and my regular readers here I think by now realize this.  Where do we go for all our decision making processes – the computer and now this service will go further in-depth to the brain. 

This type of service will teach the brain “how to behave” if you will.  Change is supposed to be seen almost immediately and a recommended session of 20 is touted.  Perhaps image those folks on Wall Street could use this instead of pot and drugs.  It’s all about keeping us calm with neurofeedback.

Here’s a video that explains the processes and what it can do provided by a company that offers this type of service as well. 

Down in the OC of southern California we probably have issues that exist nowhere image else just simply due to the area and types of residents we have.  If you look at where this rehab center is located and the website, it’s like a paradise area to where you can go with selected programs.   Just like everything else out there today it’s the search for value so if one had an addiction problem or many of the other issues as stated in the video above, there could be value.  When looking at pills that modify our behaviors this could be worth a look.  It’s a matter of whether you get medicated or analyzed with algorithmic brain processes to help you function it seems.  Medications might be cheaper than some programs too, but again it’s up to the individual on finding value and what works.  Actually I have said this before and I will say it again in jest that over indulgence in analytics is in fact our up and coming next 12 step program <grin>.  BD

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Sovereign Health of California, a premier behavioral health treatment center located in San Clemente, California, announced today that it has further expanded its evidence-based services by adding a neurofeedback component to its comprehensive treatment program.

Dr. Larry Snyder, Medical Director of Sovereign Health of California, commented, "Neurofeedback is an excellent therapeutic tool for treating substance abuse conditions and for treating eating disorders. Neurofeedback has primarily been used in treating attention deficit disorders.  Studies show that this treatment has been extremely beneficial in the treatment of many conditions affecting thought processes."

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