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Something to think about...grant ...

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:21pm

Something to think about...granted we are a larger country than most of the others..thus we have more folks to tend too....and there are some folks in other countries that may present an arguement as well....BD 

A new report by a US health foundation has found that Americans get the worst deal in terms of preventable deaths among 19 industrialized nations.
The report is published in the January/February issue of the journal Health Affairs and is the work of researchers sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund, which is based in New York.
The authors found that while other countries dramatically reduced deaths preventable by effective health care between 1997-8 and 2002-3, the US did so only slightly. If the US had performed as well as the top ranking countries, 101,000 fewer deaths per year could have been prevented, wrote Ellen Nolte and Martin McKee, who are based at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
The best performers were France, Japan, and Australia.  Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

US Ranks Worst In Preventable Deaths Among 19 Industrialized Nations

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