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Solutions for Five Faults of High Frequency Screen

Posted Nov 20 2012 2:54am

The high frequency vibrating screen is mainly composed by the exciter, ore slurry distributor, screen frame, rack, suspension spring, the sieve and other components, which is the classifying and screening equipment for the materials after they are crushed and grinded. In the using process, the sieve of the vibrating screen may have various faults. For example, the sieve holes are too small, and the amplitude of the screen is too small, which will affect the normal production of the machine. Therefore, the users need to take appropriate prevention and resolution measures to avoid and reduce the incidence of failure.
First, if the high-frequency vibration sieve can not start or the amplitude is too small. You should first consider if the motor is damaged or the components in the line are damaged. The local voltage may be insufficient. If the three aspects are normal, you can find the reasons from the machinery. The many materials stacking on the sieve surface will have direct impact on the vibrating screen. Therefore, you should timely remove the materials on the sieve surface. Then you should check if the bolts of the coupling on the exciter fall off and if the grease caking. In this case, you can clean and repair the exciter and then appropriately adjust the weighing blocks of the eccentric shaft or the position of the vice eccentric block.
Second, if materials move abnormally on the surface of the sieve, you should consider the following situations. First, the stiffness of the screen box may be insufficient so that there is critical frequency, which proves that the coupling bolts shake looses. You should immediately tighten the bolts. Second, the horizontal level of the screen box is not right. The spring may be replaced or you can adjust the size of the supporting base. In addition, the mesh of the sieve surface may be damaged. You should only replace the sieve.  got the right to find problems from supporting foot spring itself, this change spring or the pad or change the bearing size; may also screen surface net damage caused, just replace the mesh can be; been due to insufficient stiffness of the screen box, transverse horizontal beams did not identify the cause fracture, such as still operating will The abnormal material activities; may also manipulate improper feed imbalance is also one of the reasons.
Third, if the vibrating screen rotates slowly and the bearing heats up, you should pay much attention to the followings. In the normal working case, if the vibrating screen rotates relatively slowly and the bearing heats up, the usual maintenance may be not enough. The daily maintenance is very important.
Forth, if the sieving quality of the vibrating screen is not good, there may be the following reasons. The use may be inappropriate of the mesh hole may be clogged.
Fifth, if the noise in the screening process is too large, you should consider the following reasons. The bearing may be damaged and the bolts may be loose.

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