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Social Media Faceoff: Lipitor vs Crestor

Posted Dec 06 2009 8:00am
Kru Research used the ListenLogic social media monitoring platform to monitor social media comments and measure sentiment for two cholesterol lowering drugs, Lipitor and Crestor, for one month (August 2009). An influence ranking of 5+ was used to reduce the amount of spam and irrelevant posts.

The questions we sought to answer were:

1)      What is the total number of comments for each of these brands?

2)      Which sites generate the most chatter (eg, Twitter, Blogs)?

3)      What is the overall sentiment score for each brand?

4)      Is there a difference in the topics or issues that are being commented on for each brand?

Share of Voice: Lipitor beats Crestor 2.3 to 1

After tracking 180 million websites and cleaning out the promotional chatter, we see that market class leader Lipitor had 695 total mentions and Crestor had 302 mentions. Lipitor has been on the market longer than Crestor, and is considered the best selling drug in the world, so it isn’t surprising that it has more activity on the social networks.

Little Difference in Sentiment-Mostly Neutral

When you look at all the conversations and comments about Lipitor and Crestor the vast majority, about 94%, is labeled “Neutral.” This is because most mentions picked up by listening platforms has to do with general corporate news, lawsuits, and investor related articles that mention the blockbuster drugs as part of their description of Pfizer and AstraZeneca. When you look only at health related comments, the picture changes.

Lipitor’s positive sentiment was approximately 9% versus Crestor’s 1%. Negative sentiment was 27% for Lipitor and 18% for Crestor.

Another way to look at sentiment is the ratio of positive to negative comments. Using this approach Lipitor scores .33 to .05 positive to negative sentiment.

Comment Cloud Analysis

The cloud tags shown below reflect that the brand names are being used in a variety of discussions that go far beyond the management of cholesterol.


Websites with Most Activity

Using a 5+ influence rating corrects for a lot of irrelevant chatter that happens on Twitter. However, both products unfortunately have most of their social comments happening on pharma gossip site CafePharma. Major sites that these chole

Of the 695 comments for Lipitor:

  • 46 (7%) came from
  • 36 (5%) came from
  • 22 (3%) came from
  • 18 (3%) came from
  • 13 (2%) came from
  • 11 (2%) came from
  • 10 (1%) came from
  • 9 (1%) came from
  • other

Of the 302 comments related to Crestor:

  • 17 (6%) came from
  • 12 (4%) came from
  • 11 (4%) came from
  • 10 (3%) came from
  • 7 (2%) came from
  • 6 (2%) came from
  • 5 (2%) came from
  • 5 (2%) came from
  • 4 (1%) came from
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